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Movies showing chemical & physical experiments

Phase transition in liquid Xenon


by Juergen Bauer


Format: wmv





Brennendes Cäsium
Burning cesium

by Jürgen Bauer


Format: .wmv





Schwebende Magnetkugel
Floating magnet sphere

by Kay Kublenz

(c) Kay Kublenz

Format: .avi


Paramagnetismus von Dysprosiumsulfat Kristallen

Paramagnetism of dysprosium sulfate crystals

by Juergen Bauer

(c) Juergen Bauer

Format: rm


Argon Ampulle im Mikrowellenofen

Argon ampoule in microwave oven

by Juergen Bauer

(c) Juergen Bauer

Format: mp4


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