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Atomic no.:
Atom. weight: 144
Density: 7
Rare earth
Melting point: 1168°C
Boiling point: 2730°C
Colour: silvery white shiny
Discoverer: Jacob A. Marinsky
Place: Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA
Year: 1945

A radioactive element whose longest lived isotope, promethium-145, has a half-life of only 18 years. It is obtained in milligram amounts from nuclear reactors, and a little is used in specialised miniature batteries. Great care is required while handling promethium as a consequence of its radioactivity. Promethium salts luminesce in the dark with a pale blue or greenish glow, due to their high radioactivity. Ion-exchange methods led to the preparation of about 10 g of promethium from atomic reactor fuel processing wastes in early 1963.

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Acrylic Element cube - Promethium - 50mm

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