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Atomic no.:
Atom. weight: 138.9055
Density: 6.162
Rare earth metal
Melting point: 920°C
Boiling point: 3469°C
Colour: silvery
Discoverer: Carl Gustav Mosander
Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Year: 1839

Discovered in 1839 by C.G. Mosander in Stockholm, Sweden. Lanthanum is a soft, ductile, white metal which oxidises rapidly in air. It is one of the most reactive of the lanthanide group of elements, reacting with water to produce hydrogen gas. It has an abundance in the earth's crust of 32 ppm. At very low temperatures, lanthanum is super conducting (at 6K). It is used to manufacture special grades of optical glass which have specific refractive properties. Lanthanum can also be used in flints, and La3+ is used as a biological tracer for Ca2+. Radioactive isotopes of lanthanum have been tested for the treatment of cancer.

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