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Jewellery made from one of the rarest elements in the universe

Solid Tantalum curb chain with laser engraved tag / unique ID

50 cm (19.7") length - 4mm width - ~ 27 grams pure Tantalum metal 99.95%


curb chain polished

For many decades tantalum has been used in industry for high-temperature applications, in electronics and in the laboratory, and it is present, hidden and unobserved, in many objects of our daily lives - in cellular phones, radios, computers etc. But this exotic and many-sided metal harbours many more possibilities ...

Tantalum is one of the rarest elements in the earth's crust. In the solar system it is the rarest stable element altogether. Even gold and platinum are ten to twenty times more abundant. The isotope tantalum180 is supposed to be the rarest isotope of the whole universe.

In this context the current market price of tantalum comes as a surprise; 1 kg of tantalum costs not more than 1 - 2 kgs of silver, depending on quality.

Tantalum is fantastically corrosion-resistant, even more so than many noble metals! Tantalum is resistant to almost all kinds of acid, even to aqua regia. It is attacked only by hydrofluoric acid and by alkali melt. Contrary to popular lore presented mainly on the internet, tantalum does not belong to the group of noble metals, even if many of its chemical properties would support this opinion.

Due to its excellent bio-compatibility and its suitability for being incorporated in body tissue without repellence, the metal is also used for surgical implants. Welcome news for allergy patients - no case of tantalum allergy has yet been observed!


People holding tantalum in their hands for the first time are fascinated by its typical grey-violet colour and its high specific weight.

I have often been asked if the metal could not be used to make jewellery.

There are indeed a few goldsmiths and jewellery designers who have the courage to use this metal. To melt or solder it requires extreme efforts, at higher temperatures it quickly reacts with air and becomes brittle, thus permitting sawing, grinding or machining only within very narrow limits. Polishing also is difficult and time-consuming.

Small wonder that the scarce purveyors of tantalum jewellery charge very high prices. Only true connoisseurs will invest in such a piece of jewellery since its cost equals that of pure platinum.


tag and lock


All chains are delivered in this noble gift box where they are safely stored.

In cooperation with a renowned German manufacturer of jewellery we are now able to offer unique, highly valuable and yet affordable tantalum jewellery, which will fill all lovers of rare materials with enthusiasm. We use only selected, highly pure raw materials such as those used in research. All pieces are made entirely from the pure untreated metal. Emphasis is on the material - designs are deliberately unpretentious and ageless to underline the mysterious and exotic radiance of the rare element. All necklaces are can be used by men and women. Two different sizes will be available. Our tantalum necklaces are very durable and can be weared steadily. Even for swimming, showering ,e.g. it is not necessary to put it off. Tantalum is non-magnetic.

Each necklace comes with an elaborated laser cut and highly polished tag engraved with the name and purity of the used material. The back side of the tag bears the registered unique serial number. - Last software update from 17.11.2018 - All rights reserved
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