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Lab utilities
lab utilities

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 Fused silica tube/vial sphere Ø40mm/10mm - length 120mm  Art. Nr. 004561  
Fused silica tube/vial sphere Ø40mm/10mm - length 120mm
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Fused silica tube/vial Ø40mm/10mm - length 120mm

Custom made by a glass blower. Pure SiO2 suitable for high temperatures - 1100 deg. C.

with constriction to 5mm above the body so you can use a 6mm glass stopper to seal it.

total length 120mm (40mm sphere + 80mm stem)

Diameter sphere: 40mm, stem: 10mm

wall thickness: sphere 2mm, stem 1.5mm

Amount: 1x
Purity : 99.9%
Packing: PE bag
- tax free

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