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Here you find important compounds for laboratory, hobby & collection. Because of technical reasons we can not show all of the compounds we sell. Just ask us for any material, we will send you the best offer.

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 FERROFLUID 1000ml For magnetic experiments  Art. Nr. 003306  
FERROFLUID 1000ml For magnetic experiments
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NEW! FERROFLUID 1000ml EFH1 in HDPE-Bottle

For exciting experiments with magnetism

Ferrofluid is a colloidal mixture comprising extremely small magnetic particles (about 10nm = 0.00001 mm in size) suspended in a liquid which forms bizarre structures by influence of magnetic fields. Click on the 360°view button on the left below the picture to view a video!

Also watch other interesting videos on YouTube:

Ferrofluid can be very messy if mishandled. For this reason we ship a safety datasheet and an instruction manual.

Amount: 1 St. /1 pc.
Purity : --
Packing: HDPE-Bottle
- tax free

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