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Here you find important compounds for laboratory, hobby & collection. Because of technical reasons we can not show all of the compounds we sell. Just ask us for any material, we will send you the best offer.

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 Ammonium Perrhenate, crystals, 5 grams - ~ 99.9% purity  Art. Nr. 001086  
Ammonium Perrhenate, crystals, 5 grams - ~ 99.9% purity
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Ammonium Perrhenate NH4ReO4

Mol weigth 268.24306

Ammonium Perrhenate (APR) is a white crystalline powder represented by the formula NH4ReO4.
It is soluble in water and aqueous alkalis.
The specific gravity is 7.53 gm/cc. It decomposes beginning
at about 300° C, and completely above 400° C.

It is an important base rhenium chemical. Rhenium metal is formed by reduction of Ammonium Perrhenate with Hydrogen at high temperatures.

GHS Classification:

Amount: 5g
Purity : ~99.9%
Packing: glass bottle
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5-9 pcs.: 85.00 Euro
>9 pcs.: 80.00 Euro
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