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Atomic no.:
Atom. weight: 204.383
Density: 11.85
Heavy metal
Melting point: 303.5°C
Boiling point: 1457°C
Colour: Array
Discoverer: W. Crookes
Place: London, England
Year: 1861

Thallium was discovered in 1861 by W. Crookes in London, and isolated by C.A. Lamy the following year in Paris. Thallium is a soft, silvery-grey, reactive metal which is only found as a minor constituent of various minerals (it has an abundance of 0.6 ppm in the earth's crust), from which the metal is obtained by electrolytic reduction in aqueous solution. Thallium tarnishes readily in moist air and reacts with steam to form TlOH. It is readily soluble in acids, particularly HNO3, and is highly toxic. As a result of its toxicity, thallium is rarely used, with the exception of the manufacture of special grades of glass. In the past, thallium compounds found applications as diverse as rat poisons and hair restorers!

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 Acrylic Element cube - Thallium Tl - 50mm  Art. Nr. 001967  
Acrylic Element cube - Thallium Tl - 50mm
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The Sensation! Acrylic Element-blocks NEW!

Thallium ~ 3-4g under Argon in ampoule. A safe sample of this toxic and rare element.

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Amount: 1 St.
Purity : 99.9%
Packing: PE bag
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