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Atomic no.:
Atom. weight: 150.36
Density: 7
Rare earth metal
Melting point: 1074°C
Boiling point: 1794°C
Colour: Array
Discoverer: Paul-Émile Lecoq de Boisbaudran
Place: Paris, France
Year: 1879

Samarium was discovered in 1879 by P.E. Lecoq and was named after the mineral "Samarskite" which, in turn, was named after the Russian mine official, Colonel V.E. Samarsky. A lanthanide group element, samarium is a silvery-white metal which is found in the minerals allanite, cerite, gadolinite and its namesake, samarskite; it has an abundance on earth of 7.9 ppm. It is relatively stable in dry air but oxidises on contact with moisture. Applications of the metal are limited, but it finds uses in the glass, ceramics and electronics industries and also in the manufacture of permanent magnets (when combined with cobalt).

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 5g Samarium metal granules ~8x3mm 99,99% under argon!  Art. Nr. 004297  
5g Samarium metal granules ~8x3mm 99,99% under argon!
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5 grams Samarium Metal granules - 99.99%/TREM

clean absolute oxide free granules sealed under argon in ampoules to prevent oxidation of this very air sensitive metal.

Size of the ampoule: ~ 650 x D12mmFor laboratory use or your elements collection

You get one ampoule!

Amount: 5g
Purity : 99,99%
Packing: ampoule / Argon
- tax free
5-9 pcs.: 15.00 Euro
>9 pcs.: 14.00 Euro
Availability: 15 in stock

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