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Atomic no.:
Atom. weight: 44.95591
Density: 2.989
Rare earth metal
Melting point: 1541°C
Boiling point: 2836°C
Colour: Array
Discoverer: Lars Frederik Nilson
Place: Upsala, Swweden
Year: 1879

Scandium was discovered in 1879 by L.F. Nilson and takes its name from the Latin word "Scandia", meaning "Scandinavia". Scandium is a soft, silvery white metal. It has been identified in several minerals, including cerite, orthite, thertveitite, wolframite and euxenite (a niobate, tantalate and titanate of several rare elements in which scandium was originally discovered). It is a metal which tarnishes in air (shows a pink coloration), burns easily and reacts with water to produce hydrogen gas. Applications for scandium have not yet been fully investigated and its use is limited primarily to research.

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 High purity Scandium Metal 99,99% purity - pieces  Art. Nr. 001226  
High purity Scandium Metal 99,99% purity - pieces
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