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Atomic no.:
Atom. weight: 190.23
Density: 22.66
platinum metal
Melting point: 3054°C
Boiling point: 5027°C
Colour: Array
Discoverer: Smithin Tennant
Place: London, England
Year: 1804

Osmium was discovered in 1803 by Smithson Tennant in London, England. Osmium is a member of the platinum group of metals and is commonly found in conjunction with these elements (abundancy is 1 x 10-4 ppm in the earth's crust). The mixed metals can be extracted from the ore with aqua regia, followed by treatment of the soluble and insoluble portions in various ways. Osmium is found in both portions and is removed as the volatile tetroxide, which can then be reduced. Pure osmium is silver in color and is the densest of all metals. It has a pungent smell, due to the formation of osmium tetroxide Applications for osmium include its use as an alloying constituent with other group metals, the resultant alloys being extremely hard (e.g. osmiridium, a naturally occuring alloy of osmium and iridium which is extremely hard and is used for the tips of pen nibs). Osmium can also be used as a powerful catalyst in gas reactions.

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 Big Osmium melted bead, 5.03 grams 99,95% purity!  Art. Nr. 004721  
Big Osmium melted bead, 5.03 grams 99,95% purity!
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Osmium, Big high purity arc melted bead 5,03 grams 

Diameter around 9mm

This practically unavailable noble metal is almost unknown in solid form since only a few producers accept the high risk of damaging their equipment and compromise their health by melting this metal which results in a higher price. Only the result is safe: A solid bead with shiny surface and slighty sky-blue tinge.

A must have for every elements collection!

Amount: 5.03g
Purity : 99.95%
Packing: PE-bag
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