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Atomic no.:
Atom. weight: 58.69
Density: 8.9
Heavy metal
Melting point: 1453°C
Boiling point: 2732°C
Colour: silvery shiny
Discoverer: A.F. Cronstedt
Place: Stockholm, Sweden
Year: 1751

Discovered by A.F. Cronstedt in 1751 in Stockholm, Sweden. Nickel is a silver-white metal which occurs mainly in the sulfide and arsenic ores. It is extracted by roasting to NiO and then reducing using carbon. Pure nickel is manufactured by the Mond process, in which impure nickel is reacted with carbon monoxide (CO) to produce Ni(CO)4, which is then decomposed at 200C to yield 99.99% Ni. Nickel has an abundance of 80 ppm in the earth's crust. Pure nickel is malleable and ductile, and is resistant to corrosion in air or water, and hence is used as a protective coating. It is readily soluble in dilute acids, but is unaffected by alkalis. Applications for nickel include its use as a constituent of various alloy types; for example, Nichrome (an alloy used for resistance heating elements), Monel (corrosion resistant material), Permalloy (an alloy with high magnetic permeability at low field strength and low hysteresis loss), stainless steel, cupro-nickel, nickel silver, etc. It is also used in coinage, as a protective coating and within food and chemical handling plants. Nickel is classed as a carcinogen and is also an allergen to some individuals. It is found in many dietary constituents and, as such, is difficult to avoid.

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 Element-Set Basic 12 Elements 50mm Ampoules  Art. Nr. 002989  
Element-Set Basic 12 Elements 50mm Ampoules
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Element-Set Basic 12 Elements 50mm Ampoules

This set is opimized for collectors. Each ampoule filled with the technically maximum amount possible - Don't ask for the amount of each sample - we do not weigh them out. Each sample is processed individually to achieve a perfect look of the element. Each element is labelled as shown (English or German)

ampoule size ~ 50mm - diameter ~ 12mm - Boro silicate glass / AR glass

The set contains following elements


Aluminium 99.999% Copper 99.999% Sulfur 99.999%
Chromium 99.9% Carbon 99.99% Silicon 99.9999%
Cobalt 99.995% Manganese 99.95% Vanadium 99.95%
Iron 99.995% Magnesium 99.7% Zinc 99.9%

Amount: 12 ampoules
Purity : pure
Packing: Ampoule
- tax free
5-9 pcs.: 258.00 Euro
>9 pcs.: 244.00 Euro
***Lead time: ~ 1 weeks ***

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