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Atomic no.:
Atom. weight: 39.0983
Density: 0.862
Alkali metal
Melting point: 63.25°C
Boiling point: 760°C
Colour: silvery shiny
Discoverer: Sir Humphrey Davy
Place: England
Year: 1807

Potassium was discovered in 1807 by Sir Humphrey Davy in London. Potassium is a soft, silvery colored metal, which like other members of the alkali group of metals, is extremely reactive. As with other members of the group, it can be prepared by electrolysis of the fused halide. It is one of the more common alkali metals, there being 26000 ppm in the earth's crust, the main source being potassium chloride. It does not occur naturally. Potassium has limited use as the pure metal, although it can be used with sodium as a coolant in liquid metal reactors. It is more commonly used as a salt; for example potassium bromide, which is used in photography, and potassium carbonate which has applications in the areas of fluxes, pharmaceuticals and soaps. One of the most important uses of potassium salts is as fertilisers. Potassium is an essential element for all living beings and, on average, a human being contains approximately 140 gm, the majority of which is present in muscle tissue.

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 Potassium metal, oxide free under vacuum, 1g - 99.9% purity  Art. Nr. 001006  
Potassium metal, oxide free under vacuum, 1g - 99.9% purity
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1g Potassium metal, distilled, shiny surface under vacuum, 1 gram

oxide free industrial filling! Potassium in its pure form with shiny surface is very difficult to obtain. This is a real must have for every elements collector.

Dangerous goods RID/ADR: yes, 4.3/PG 1 - UN# 2257 - Not deliverable to all countries! Please contact us!

Amount: 1g
Purity : 99,99%
Packing: Ampoule, Argon
- tax free

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