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Atomic no.:
Atom. weight: 35.4527
Density: 3
Halogene (Gas)
Melting point: -100.98°C
Boiling point: -34.06°C
Colour: yellowish green
Discoverer: Carl Wilhelm Scheele
Place: Upsala, Sweden
Year: 1774

A yellowish-green dense gas with a choking smell. It is very poisonous and was used as a weapon during the First World War. The gas is made on a large scale from salt (sodium chloride) and is used in the manufacture of bleach and PVC plastic, and to purify drinking water and to disinfect swimming pools. Our daily intake is about 6 grams, mainly as salt, but we could manage with half this amount.

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 Acrylic Element cube - Chlorine (liquified) Cl - 50mm  Art. Nr. 003079  
Acrylic Element cube - Chlorine (liquified) Cl - 50mm
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The Sensation! Acrylic Element-blocks NEW!

Liquified Chlorine made by cooling down with liquid nitrogen, sealed in quarz ampoule . Pressure inside the ampoule ~ 116 psi!

This is one of the most impressive chlorine sample you can get!

The innovation! Selected element samples in amply amount embedded in 50x50x50mm first-class crystal clear acrylic (not cheap resin!) . Totally lightfast, high gloss polish. The text is embedded inside! Hand crafted! Made in the European Union! Each acrylic block is a unique and individual piece! EXTREMELY eye-catching!

These original acrylic cubes are used in many important and famous periodic table collections allover the world!

100% Handmade in the European Union!


Each cube comes in its separate original box!

Complete illuminated displays with our cubes are available on request

Amount: 1 St.
Purity : 99.99%
Packing: PE bag
- tax free

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